Coach Hineman

Hineman Family

This month, we’d like you to meet Mark Hineman, our dedicated Lacrosse Commissioner & Coach!

Mark has spent the last 3 years tirelessly working to bring LAX back to WBYA. Our participation numbers are rising every year, with 211 kids registered this past spring, including 116 girls! A star football player at Unionville High and Ursinus College, Mark found his calling as a teacher as a YMCA camp counselor …”to be a part of that light bulb moment when students actually understand the concept that is being taught or coached is something special.” Mark is a Health/PE teacher in the Owen J. Roberts School District, coaching 10 after school sports clubs while also pursuing his doctorate. WOW! Proud Dad and coach of a 2nd and 5th grader, Mark is excited to continue to grow LAX in West Bradford. Thanks for all you do for our kids and community, Mark. We appreciate YOU!